Invest in The Cash Generating Machine – Promissory Notes

Cash is King—Receive Cash Income MonthlyHas Your Recent Investing Results Been Disappointing?Have you thought that your investing plan was not working? During the past three years many investors have felt that they have been on the road to nowhere. The recent real estate market collapse and the volatile stock market have caused many to suffer lost income and lost value in their accounts. For most of us the recent economic turmoil has been painful.Based on the recent investing disappointments a reasonable question to ask is “does a safe haven exist”? Is there a cash-flowing investment that is not volatile on a day-to-day basis and that is safer than the average investment offered by Wall Street?No investment is 100% safe and no investment is perfect. But, you should consider investing in promissory notes as a serious replacement for what you have been invested in. Promissory notes are not as popular as stocks and bonds and not as well known as direct real estate investing, but they offer some excellent benefits and advantages. They should be given serious consideration.How to Fix a Broken Investment Plan
The simplest way to fix a broken investment plan is to change it. If what you’ve been doing has disappointed you, don’t blindly keep doing it, look for a better plan and make a change. Give serious consideration to investing in promissory notes. If done properly, investing in promissory notes is one of the best and safest investments.There are Many Advantages to Investing in Promissory Notes
Here are some of the key benefits that note investing provides:• You can deal with borrowers that you know and trust
• You can select only notes that are well collateralized with real estate mortgages
• You can select notes that have a margin of safety protecting your investment
• You can select notes that fit your investing plan
• You can select notes that fit your time-lines and future cash needs
• You can select the amount to invest in each note
• You can select to invest in notes near your own address
• You can select notes having interest rates suitable to your needs
• You can own the note alone or with other investors
• You can sell the note or a part of the noteCash Is King
Most of us are investing for cash income—be it received now or at a future date. In today’s economy cash income is king. But, many investments offer the opportunity for capital gains, or growth in value, or a big pay-off in the future; they are note providing cash in the pocket today.If you need some additional income monthly to cover living expenses—cash is king; if you need cash for a special future event, such as college expenses, or replacing an old car—cash is king; if you need to save for your retirement—cash is king. Additionally, cash received today is real money; cash to be received in the future, or capital gains to be received in the future, is not real money, it is “hoped-for money” or “anticipated money”.You cannot pay the rent or buy groceries with “anticipated money”, you need real money.Promissory Note Investing Can Fix Your Cash Problem
Start now to get familiar with promissory note investing. Talk to investors who have a successful track record investing in notes. Talk to specialists who appraise, value, and advise investors on note opportunities. Learn from experts who are actively buying, selling, brokering, appraising and valuing notes; don’t jump into this arena in haste; take your time; make good contacts.Words of Wisdom• A bad investment is going for quantity over quality.
• The only trouble with a sure thing is the uncertainty.
• There are many more trap doors to failure than there are short cuts to success.
• Patience is the key to success not speed.

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