Home Schooling From the Students Perspective

When young people are told that they are going to be home schooled you get a mixed bag of reactions. Some will be extremely angry at being taken away from their school and friends. They will be upset that roadmap to college will change drastically and will affect the college they gain entrance to.Then others will be extremely happy. These are the groups that were terrorized by bullies in public schools. These groups had few friends and were the brunt of most jokes at school. This group of students hates school and is usually very depressed all the time.No matter which group of students you came from, home schooling really is good for all. Very quickly students learn some of the major differences:

Individual attention: No more sleeping through math class, or English. Now your mother is there to make sure you are awake and doing the assignment. This is the first and biggest change for most students changing from public to home schooling. The one on one teaching they get is totally alien to them. The fact the new teacher is their parent makes it harder to get used to. That is why it is so important for parents to research and find their teaching style before they start. They must separate themselves from being parents and become teachers.

Same teacher for all subjects: Students do not get a break from their teacher like in public school. The parent is the teacher in every class they take.

Breaks: The teacher (parent) must find what works best for their situation. It is usually a work in progress. Home schooling has a great advantage over public schools because it is so flexible. If something comes up and you need to miss a class for a dentist appointment it is easily rescheduled.

More free time: If students work hard at their home schooling they find that they have much more free time on their hands. In most cases parents reward the student when they work hard and finish work or tests early. This incentive works great with home schooled kids. They love the free time home schooling offers them.

The list goes on and on. Suffice it to say that your child hood education will be better for you if you are home schooled. Parents need to take a good long look at their child’s education and seriously consider home schooling as an option.

Looking For A Great Deal At Property Auctions

If you are looking to invest in a commercial or residential property, a property auction is a great place to source buildings that are being sold at bargain prices.The first thing you ought to do once you have made the decision to hunt for a property through an auction is to source a reputable property management company that facilitates such events. If you can, talk to the property managers who work for the company and ask them what they currently have on their books. It pays to look around different property management firms within an area until you find one that has a good range of the kind of properties you are interested in, in an area of the country or city that you want.Usually a decent property company will have an online list of all its available lots where you can peruse each building before you attend the auction. If you are really interested in a building, but think there may be a structural issue with the building it makes sense to get a survey done. Most property management companies will allow a surveyor to do this for you, but you have to pay for it. A few property management companies have surveys carried out on all properties on their books, but most do not offer this service. Make sure you sign up to email alerts if they are available (and they should be), this way every time the company puts another property on its list, you will receive notification.It’s easy to say, know what you are looking for when it comes to searching for the most suitable property. However, quite often a property auction will deliver a building that will open up new ideas and possibilities to you and your family or you and your business. It’s no secret that property auctions tend to sell at much, much lower prices than other real estate options.If you plan to buy at the property auction bring your identification with you. Usually a driver’s licence is adequate, but occasionally you need your passport. Arrive early property auctions can get competitive, so get very crowded. If you want a seat or to be within good view of the auctioneer arriving early will ensure you get the spot you want. If you are ready to buy, make sure you take some means of paying the deposit with you. Check which forms of payment are acceptable.Browse all of the available lots prior to attending the actual auction. Be very careful not to bid on the wrong property, believe it or not it does happen especially when there are several similar properties for sale at the auction. Check out online property auctions and lot lists and compare them with the lots available at the auction you are planning to attend.If you can’t attend the auction but there is a property you are interested in, you may bid by proxy. Occasionally you may place a fixed bid prior to the auction.

Brief Guide to Buying Entertainment Centers

Since entertainment centers and TV stands come in such a wide variety with different configurations and combinations of features, it will save you time and money if you have some idea what to look for. The options are endless, especially if you would like to choose as smaller sized entertainment center will the intention of adding freestanding speaker stands at a later date. Even different types of TV stands can resemble entertainment centers because they include enclosed shelving, cabinet doors or back panels/hutches. An entertainment center is appealing for several different reasons: it creates a stylish focal point in the room for your television; allows you to organize other pieces of audio/video equipment; and helps maintain the room’s decorative flow by reducing clutter.SizeThe most important thing to consider when buying entertainment centers or TV stands is size; you must not only take into consideration the size of the entertainment center itself, you must also know the size of the television you are purchasing the entertainment furniture for. Ideally, you should know where you want the entertainment furniture to go before you purchase one, so that you have some idea of how small or how large an entertainment center you will need to fill the intended space. The same applies to any freestanding speaker stands you would like to add now or in the future.DesignEntertainment centers and TV stands come in an endless variety of sizes and configurations. Entertainment centers are a great investment in terms of how they use the available floor space in a room since they utilize both vertical (wall) rather and horizontal (floor) space. The other noticeable benefit of an entertainment center is storage, providing a multifunctional solution. Not only do entertainment furniture function as TV stands, they incorporate different types of storage in order to accommodate a DVD/VCR player, speakers (if you choose not to go the freestanding speaker stands route), DVDs, CDs, games and videos.For you to get the most out of your entertainment furniture, decide what features you would like. In order to determine what kinds of features would be most useful to you, take your lifestyle into consideration. If the room where you watch television is more home theater than living room, then DVD storage will be important to you. If you don’t like clutter, then an entertainment furniture with a wire management system, cabinets and enclosed shelves will be a better choice for you.StyleTraditional styles such as Sheraton, Queen Anne, Neo Classical, Victorian and French Provincial are modeled after historical fashions, periods and trends. Most commonly recognized by elaborate carvings, inset panels and detailed moldings, entertainment furniture and TV stands in traditional sub styles like Shaker and Louis Philippe can look almost contemporary or modern because of the absence of ornate decorative detail.The focus of contemporary entertainment furniture and TV stands is on economy of line and shape. Most commonly used materials are metals, exposed woods in lighter finishes, plastics and stone. Through its use of materials, shapes and lines, contemporary style emphasizes natural elements that are organic and tranquil. Simple, but effective, contemporary style often features textured elements such as clean lines and chic form that might be highlighted by leather or glass accents.

Invest in The Cash Generating Machine – Promissory Notes

Cash is King—Receive Cash Income MonthlyHas Your Recent Investing Results Been Disappointing?Have you thought that your investing plan was not working? During the past three years many investors have felt that they have been on the road to nowhere. The recent real estate market collapse and the volatile stock market have caused many to suffer lost income and lost value in their accounts. For most of us the recent economic turmoil has been painful.Based on the recent investing disappointments a reasonable question to ask is “does a safe haven exist”? Is there a cash-flowing investment that is not volatile on a day-to-day basis and that is safer than the average investment offered by Wall Street?No investment is 100% safe and no investment is perfect. But, you should consider investing in promissory notes as a serious replacement for what you have been invested in. Promissory notes are not as popular as stocks and bonds and not as well known as direct real estate investing, but they offer some excellent benefits and advantages. They should be given serious consideration.How to Fix a Broken Investment Plan
The simplest way to fix a broken investment plan is to change it. If what you’ve been doing has disappointed you, don’t blindly keep doing it, look for a better plan and make a change. Give serious consideration to investing in promissory notes. If done properly, investing in promissory notes is one of the best and safest investments.There are Many Advantages to Investing in Promissory Notes
Here are some of the key benefits that note investing provides:• You can deal with borrowers that you know and trust
• You can select only notes that are well collateralized with real estate mortgages
• You can select notes that have a margin of safety protecting your investment
• You can select notes that fit your investing plan
• You can select notes that fit your time-lines and future cash needs
• You can select the amount to invest in each note
• You can select to invest in notes near your own address
• You can select notes having interest rates suitable to your needs
• You can own the note alone or with other investors
• You can sell the note or a part of the noteCash Is King
Most of us are investing for cash income—be it received now or at a future date. In today’s economy cash income is king. But, many investments offer the opportunity for capital gains, or growth in value, or a big pay-off in the future; they are note providing cash in the pocket today.If you need some additional income monthly to cover living expenses—cash is king; if you need cash for a special future event, such as college expenses, or replacing an old car—cash is king; if you need to save for your retirement—cash is king. Additionally, cash received today is real money; cash to be received in the future, or capital gains to be received in the future, is not real money, it is “hoped-for money” or “anticipated money”.You cannot pay the rent or buy groceries with “anticipated money”, you need real money.Promissory Note Investing Can Fix Your Cash Problem
Start now to get familiar with promissory note investing. Talk to investors who have a successful track record investing in notes. Talk to specialists who appraise, value, and advise investors on note opportunities. Learn from experts who are actively buying, selling, brokering, appraising and valuing notes; don’t jump into this arena in haste; take your time; make good contacts.Words of Wisdom• A bad investment is going for quantity over quality.
• The only trouble with a sure thing is the uncertainty.
• There are many more trap doors to failure than there are short cuts to success.
• Patience is the key to success not speed.